Heinz Riener

Researcher, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Heinz Riener works as a researcher at the Integrated Systems Laboratory at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland in the group of Giovanni De Micheli. He holds a Ph.D. degree (Dr.-Ing.) in Computer Science from University of Bremen, Germany.

  • From 2015 to 2017 he worked at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Bremen, Germany, in the group of Avionics Systems.
  • From 2011 to 2015 he worked at the University of Bremen, Germany, in the group of Reliable Embedded Systems.
His research interests are formal methods for computer-aided design and verification of hardware and software systems.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • NEW Heinz Riener, Finn Haedicke, Stefan Frehse, Mathias Soeken, Daniel Große, Rolf Drechsler, Göschwin Fey, metaSMT: Focus on Your Application and not on Solver Integration, In Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT) 19(5), Springer, pp. 605-621, 2017.
  • NEW Heinz Riener, Rüdiger Ehlers, Görschwin Fey, Counterexample-Guided EF Synthesis of Boolean Functions, In 20th Workshop "Methoden und Beschreibungssprachen zur Modellierung und Verifikation von Schaltungen und Systemen" (MBMV), Bremen, Germany, 2017.
  • NEW Heinz Riener, Rüdiger Ehlers, Görschwin Fey, CEGAR-based EF Synthesis of Boolean Functions with an Application to Circuit Rectification, In 22nd Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), pp. 251-256, Tokyo, Japan, 2017.
  • Heinz Riener, Görschwin Fey, Exact Diagnosis Using Boolean Satisfiability, In IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), Austin, TX, USA, 2016.
  • Heinz Riener, Görschwin Fey, Counterexample-Guided Diagnosis, In 1st IEEE International Verification and Security Workshop (IVSW), pp. 1-6, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalunya, Spain, 2016.
  • Heinz Riener, Robert Könighofer, Görschwin Fey, Roderick Bloem, SMT-Based CPS Parameter Synthesis, In Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems (ARCH@CPSWeek 2016), pp. 126-133, Vienna, Austra, 2016.
  • Heinz Riener, Rüdiger Ehlers, Görschwin Fey, Path-Based Program Repair, In 12th International Workshop on Formal Engineering approaches to Software Components and Architectures (FESCA), Satellite event of ETAPS, pp. 22-32, London, United Kingdoms, 2015.


Heinz Riener
INF 339, Station 14
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland